Story Review

What's "Story Review"?

“Story Review” is a language assessment of one of your stories that will help you discover what language areas you need to work in order to make further progress with your English.

It’s like a compass that will give you directions for learning.

If you’re thinking, “I don’t know how to improve. Should I read more? Study more? Listen more? Take another course? I’m not sure what I should focus on”, then “Story Review” can help you. 

“Story Review allowed me to connect with the English language”

Fabio's encouraging and friendly manner made it very easy for me to break out of my comfort zone and to take a step forward to speak English with confidence. He helped me find my typical mistakes, understand them, and leave them behind. I'd recommend Story Review to anyone who wants to keep making progress in learning and speaking English with self-esteem and ease.
Ulla from Germany

How does "Story Review" work?

  • 1. After you've signed up for "Story Review", you'll get an email from me asking you specific questions about what you're struggling with and why. This information will help me give you focused feedback.

  • 2. Record yourself telling a personal story (3 - 5 minutes). If you're planning to tell a story for a particular purpose (for example, at a job interview), you can tell me that story. Otherwise, I'll give you some prompts that will inspire you.

  • 3. Send me the audio file and within 2 working days you'll receive my audio feedback.

  • 4. My feedback will include what language areas you should work on to make further progress, actionable tips and suggestions on how to make your story more impactful.

  • 5. Ask me any questions you might have about my comments.

"The feedback was really helpful!"

Fabio gave me a lot of advice about pronunciation and the thing that surprised me was that after a few days I started pronouncing words and expressions with the correct pronunciation.
Nyssa from Italy

"Fabio made me want to tell my story in the best way possible."

I understood clearly and quickly what my problem areas are. "Story Review" is a truly creative and pleasant exercise.
Ina from Romania

How will "Story Review" help you?

“Story Review” will help you:

“Fabio’s feedback guides me towards a clearer vision of myself”

I had never tried storytelling before, and I felt unconfident about my speaking ability, which leads me to avoid anything that makes me feel uncomfortable. But after Fabio’s feedback, I became aware of my strengths and weaknesses and started to have the courage to challenge myself more. He used his precise observation to provide me practical opinion. He has the skills to analyze my current situation. I recommend 'Story Review' to anyone who wants to make a change, to leave the stagnant plateau, and give yourself a chance to embark on another journey.
Lyn from Taiwan

You can take “Story Review” for just 25 euros

After you click the button, you will be taken to the application form. You won’t pay anything now.